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Our national network of surveyors has been sourced on the basis of their experience in technical building analysis, proven customer service track records and ability to demonstrate competencies in industry technical and claims handling philosophies.

Evolution surveyors undergo stringent selection and vetting procedures (including DBS checks) before being allowed to operate in customers’ homes.

All surveyors operate independently from repair contractor networks to ensure that a genuine impartial view of the claim damage is obtained every time. Surveyors are contractually bound and have been trained and accredited to take asbestos samples and will identify, validate and scope for disaster restoration work (including the undertaking of advanced drying of water damaged properties). Risk and method statements are captured into our system ClaimSend.

Settlement agreements are reached on site using our comprehensive schedule of rates and decisions are supported by the use of weather records and advanced mapping and imaging software.

This work stream supports our primary operating model of ensuring that the right resource is deployed for the right reason and at the right time. It is suitable for clients who require clear separation between validation and fulfilment service providers.

Loss Mitigation

There are situations when it is not possible for a contractor to attend site and undertake emergency repairs following an event at a customer’s home. As a result the damage gets worse which is upsetting and disruptive for the home owner and proves costly to the client.

We have sourced and developed (first to the UK market) mitigation products and repair methods which are carried by our supply chain and can be implemented during the first assessment or as an emergency call out. The products are easy to install, prevent further damage to internal decorations and reduce cycle times (whilst arrangements are made for the damage to be assessed and repairs are undertaken).

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Building Repairs

We use a handpicked network of accredited building repair partners who provide a fully guaranteed market leading national fulfilment service. All network partners are vetted and approved in advance of any service provision and are required to work to our comprehensive schedule of rates. We have clearly defined selection, vetting and ongoing management procedures in place which are formalized in our Supplier contracts. The typical profile of our supply chain partners is a ‘local’, medium sized business with a proven track record in customer service excellence, long-term profitable service and who we know will work well with like-minded partners.

Our repair partners have the capability to undertake advanced drying of water damaged properties and any subsequent fulfilment requirements. The use of one partner reduces the number of touch points and results in a seamless drying and repair solution for the customer.

All partners are performance managed using our quality management framework and operate to strict contractual, training, performance management and expected conduct criteria.

Asbestos removal

Members of our network of asbestos removal partners are fully licensed, vetted and insured for the safe removal of asbestos.

Before starting any work our partners undertake a full risk assessment of the affected area and advise us of the safest, most effective method of removal. Once removal is completed the asbestos is disposed of at official, approved waste transfer facilities.

All asbestos suppliers operate independently from repair partners and are required to work to our comprehensive schedule of rates.

Our partners are used to working in customers’ homes and have proven track records in customer service excellence. This solution can be used as a stand-alone product or as part of a collaboration with other suppliers.


We believe that drying and restoration forms part of the reinstatement process, just as much as plastering or painting. Giving tried, tested and accredited repair partners responsibility for both work stages reduces timescales and the impact on the customer.

Members of our network of repair partners have been chosen specifically for their dual capabilities in restoration and repairs. They have the required skills and capacity to undertake drying as part of the overall repair. As a result we are able to manage all aspects of water claims without the need for multiple suppliers, touch points, hand overs and delays.

The key principle in our service proposition is to undertake detailed effective triage to ensure the appropriate resource is deployed to site who is able and equipped to add immediate value. Repair partners who are approved to undertake disaster restoration work are trained and accredited to relevant industry standards.


We have sourced and procured a national network of scaffolding contractors (for the supply and erection of scaffolding). All contractors are members of the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation.

The introduction of a separate network of Scaffolders (who are managed directly by our experienced claims team) is a unique proposition in the market and allows far greater control in the erection and dismantling of scaffolding at customers’ homes.

Our business has a direct contractual relationship with the scaffolding company who are responsible for scheduling the erection and removal of scaffolding. This solution can be used as part of our new improved storm/roof validation and repair solution and in collaboration with other third party service providers.

Commercial services

We have developed a nationwide network of commercial building contractors who are able to undertake all types of repair and maintenance work. Our contractor partners have experience in carrying out repairs on all types of commercial properties including prisons, schools, hospitals, offices, industrial warehouses and retail units and are able to manage and fulfil small, medium or larger value projects. In addition to repair works such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, glazing, gas, flooring etc, our capability also extends to cladding, roller shutters and canopies as well as surface repairs, structural repairs, dilapidation and demolition works. All selected contractors are vetted and approved in advance of any service provision and have proven track records in capability and service delivery.

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