Market-leading claims management system

We are able to deliver better claims management by embracing and leveraging a state of the art technology system.

By streamlining and automating the claims process we can help you improve retention, save costs, and build trust. That is why technology sits at the top of the Evolution Claims Triangle. When combined with our proven expertise and industry understanding, it’s how we deliver cost effective, customer focused solutions for clients and their customers.



Technology plays a significant role in helping insurers meet their digital strategies. Our technology is built on the Iotatech platform, a state of the art system that has been custom built to deliver better insurance solutions.

Combined with our industry knowledge and claims management expertise, we have the ability to configure the system with bespoke processes and automated workflows, that offer flexibility, scalability, and future proofing.

end to end claims management

From the notification of a new claim to the fulfilment and claims outcome, Evolution Claims aim to provide a better end to end claims management solution.

Our technology is based on a transparent fixed fee structure driving the right customer and cost management behaviours. We focus on optimisation throughout all points of the Supply Chain and offer both client and customer access to the claims management system for speed and efficiency. By monitoring customer satisfaction throughout the claims journey we constantly improve the system to offer a leading customer service experience. You can discover more about the people behind our business here.

At Evolution Claims we deliver a new claims handling model that is free of the legacy of “it’s just how claims have always been done”. Our model provides a platform that is configurable, scalable, and resilient.

Benefits of the Evolution System

Web-based platform that is configurable, scalable & resilient

Latest site survey APP technology for site reports, visual media & estimating (including variations)

Uses machine learning to optimise workflow & processes

Customer & Client portal with bespoke data analytics

Connect all parties involved in a claim

Open API architecture allows us to integrate and extend as required

Are you an insurer that truly cares?

Then it’s time to evolve your claims processes to deliver better.