evolution is defined as the gradual development of something

Our new claims handling model is free of the legacy of "it's just how claims have always been done". The industry has seen gradual change up to now, but we believe that it's time to speed things up!

Benefits of the Evolution System

Web-based platform that is configurable, scalable & resilient

Latest site survey APP technology for site reports, visual media & estimating (including variations)

Uses machine learning to optimise workflow & processes

Customer & Client portal with bespoke data analytics

Connect all parties involved in a claim

Open API architecture allows us to integrate and extend as required

Market Leading Technology

The Evolution
Claims Triangle

It’s how we deliver cost effective, customer focused solutions for clients and their customers

Proven Expertise

Industry Understanding

market leading tech

The system is a future proofed platform using microservices, open API and artificial intelligence which enables us to support our clients digital strategies. As technology continues to change and improve, we recognised the need to have a system that can adapt and accommodate these changes so as to ensure Evolution and its clients stay ahead of the game. The system is a fully configurable, scalable and resilient cloud native platform that allows us to design and develop functionality, workflow, data capture and reporting tailored to an individual client’s requirements. We don’t have to wait for developers!

proven expertise

The senior management team brings with them years of industry knowledge and experience together with a strong and proven track record in implementing claims management solutions designed to support clients in achieving their strategic objectives. To support our claims management philosophy and importance we place on cost management and the customer experience, we took the decision to recruit experienced and proven claim handling resources, as well as technical ‘buildings’ expertise, all of which work alongside a carefully selected, vetted and performance managed supply chain.

industry understanding

In an increasingly competitive market, we recognise the challenges that Insurers, Brokers and Managing Agents face.
To retain and attract new customers, they need to not only be competitive on price but also provide the best customer experience, across the board, at every touch point, from policy purchase and importantly throughout any claim.

As well as controlling claims expenditure, insurers are now starting to review their digital strategies and by streamlining their sales and claims processes through the use of technology. The efficiencies this brings will help them remain price competitive and deliver a great customer experience.

We have created a claims management solution using the most up to date technology to enable our clients in achieving these goals.

join us on the path to better claims

Why trust us?

As industry insiders we have proven expertise to offer a truly innovative, tech enabled end-to-end claims handling service that is more customisable, quicker to set up and more cost effective than any other partner in the market.

We believe that better doesn’t have to cost more