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We believe that a better claims experience drives true loyalty between insurers and their customers.

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Third Party Administration

Desktop & Field Validation

Loss Mitigation & Leak Detection

Emergency Assistance

End to End Claims Management

Motor Third Party Impact Damage

Disaster Restoration

Building Reinstatement

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The Evolution offering was always designed and implemented with the intention of promoting and developing trustworthy and long-term relationships with its clients. We want to act as an extension of our client’s business, and this can only happen through trust. Our model and levels of performance are now proven and continue to deliver cost and service benefits for our clients and their customers. We are an honest, transparent partner who listens.

Save Costs

Our fixed fee model is sustainable, simple, and transparent. The fee remains the same regardless of the repair value, unlike traditional percentage uplift models, where as the repair value increases so does the fee, showing a clear separation between repair and claims management costs. Our commercial model compliments our operating model promoting the desired claims management behaviours allowing us to achieve the best claim outcomes for insurers and their customers.


Only 5 to10 percent of customers ever claim against their home insurance policy. Whilst an insurer is always judged on the quality of its claims service, in a market that is becoming more competitive, it is more important than ever that insurers also focus on retaining the business of the 90 to 95 percent of customers that do not claim. Our cost effective, customer focused solutions are designed to support insurers claims and underwriting strategies.

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